Monday, 23 July 2012

'Calla Lily Wedding Flowers' Decorate in a flowery way

One of the simple and traditional flower having long refined lines, magnificent shape and gaudy blooming features that makes it a popular choice for giving an elegancy to different stuff of the wedding is – CALLA LILY FLOWER.

Calla Lily Flower
Calla Lily Flower

Starting from the Wedding cake to the bridal bouquets and up to wedding centerpieces, the perfect vision of a wedding can be made using these flowers… 

Calla lily have a beautiful property of harmonizing with any of the wedding themes with the variety of colors they come up starting from white, yellow to vibrant reds and up to the way of black and deep blue.

For providing a splatter of luster and coordinating the appearance of festivity to the celebration, two or three or more colors of calla lily flowers are sufficient for decorating the wedding arrangement and wedding bouquets. 

The premium callas works great for lower centerpieces, boutonniers, corsages and bridal bouquets while for the upright vases having tall height and cascade style bouquets, extra tall callas are needed.  

Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet
Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet

Make a prominent statement of the wedding centerpiece which will not overpower the table decoration, in spite these will help to make the scheming of the centerpiece easy with much lesser endeavor.

A glass vase that is used for holding of the candle which is being placed as a centerpiece can be make stunning by the use of calla lily flowers which can be used to surround them in a lush green bed making the whole of the arrangement as floral wreath like style centerpiece which looks just AWESOME!

Tall vases of glasses in which the stems of the calla lily are shown in particular and which comes in different shapes are used as a modern way of providing elegance to the vases. Adding more glamour to the above arrangement, flowers petals or willow branches can be used and more garnishing to the vase can be provided. Submerging of calla lily inside a tall and wider vase is a hottest and newer idea to be created for giving a different look.

Calla Lily Vases
Calla Lily Vases

The effect of the calla lilies of same color looks to be more forceful for an event at a sunny garden while it will be more restrained and subdued in its tone at a candlelit dinner in evening and same is the case with the photos of these flowers.

Calla lilies are available in an array of colors starting form white, ivory, green, deep chocolate, dark burgundy, black, deep purple, gold, yellow, copper orange, peach, cream and pink and you can take a lot of benefit from this large array.

The number of calla lily flowers that are going to be needed by you if you are planning for a wedding depends on certain things including the number of bouquets, vases, tables, corsages that needs to be decorated with these flowers and also the count for decoration of wedding car.

Calla Lily Wedding centerpiece
Calla Lily Wedding centerpiece

This traditional flower has been taken by different florist and vendors for adding modern panache with fresh up to date arrangement of flowers for wedding decoration. Hobby Lobby or Michaels or Whole Blossoms are the stores which supply the calla lily flowers and also floral arrangement which are made by arranging these flowers beautifully.

Calla lilies should be kept away from cooling or heating vent or direct sunlight and should be kept inside a room which is cool having a temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the the availability is varied throughout the year and climatic conditions determines the period of these flowers.
Seeing so many beautiful features of this lovely flower, you should always wanted to use it as a means of decorating your beautiful wedding...


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