Friday, 31 August 2012

Garden Themed Centerpieces

Centerpieces that are considered for the garden wedding theme may contain the candles and tempest containers that are according to the wedding theme.

Creating wedding centerpieces yourself can be considered as a way of making your wedding different and more personalize from the other ones giving more of the effect if you are planning for the garden wedding theme as the centerpieces as this type of wedding are more closer to nature.

These types of wedding centerpieces are not only looks beautiful but also affordable than other types of centerpieces as the things that are used in this type of items are generally of natural type.

Potted plants are generally portrayed in these types of centerpieces which provides you a good choice of taking them along with you to your home as the memories for the future. 
For creating the effect of potted plants more formal, you may use a circular shaped glass and put the plant in its middle and place it over the table.
If you think most of people that are attached with you love gardening and nature, then you may present the garden centerpieces as the gifts to them for taking those centerpieces to their home as the wedding favors.

A watering can that has been made from tin or any other metal says most about the gardens, so they can be easily used for creating the vase of plastic inside them for making a different type of wedding collections of centerpieces.

And these can be easily made by you without spending extra money to any type of florist for the wedding decoration of centerpieces.  You have to put the wedding flowers inside these vases and decorate them according to your choice. Some of the wedding ideas for decorating these vases are to make a crisscross network with the help of scotch tapes and the wedding flowers that comes in the shapes of animals like the frog flowers.

For creating a wedding centerpiece that will look perfect with the tables of larger size some of the periodic crates and ferns can be used that will give a big floral effect.

Lanterns are another option for magnifying the outdoor effect which is the source of squashy radiance that will add charm to your wedding especially at the night. One large crate can be placed over the large dinning table in its middle and can be lined  up by the burlap with whatever order you want to place them.

At last, the bell jars option is enough for creating a ripened and quixotic effect that are counted in the beautiful garden accessories and are used from a very long time and thus is more closer to nature.

I think you would like these wedding ideas if you are a fan of nature and if you want to share your love for nature with all…

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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Wedding Tent Decorating Ideas

For completing an overall look for any wedding celebration, the thing that is needed for the wedding decoration and for designing the view of the wedding is the WEDDING TENT.

Wedding Tent
Wedding Tent

The first and foremost thing that is needed for the decision of the styles and color of the wedding tent is to know the venue of the wedding and the overall budget which the wedding party can afford. In case of the wedding tents, there are a number of ideas or the variety which can be taken in lower budget also and will provide a classy effect.

You have to pick up the materials like chairs, table cloths, wedding centerpieces, wedding lighting, wedding flowers, and other decorating stuff after deciding the color and style of the tent as the overall matching is needed.

One of the evergreen choices is the custom wedding tent of white color which comes up with the additions of the chairs of chiavari, carpet of tan style, simplicity and elegancy. And all these things are sufficient to make these types of tents the choice of most of the people.

Custom Wedding Tent
Custom Wedding Tent

Themed wedding Tent is the option that you can have especially if you are choosing for a particular type of wedding theme which is characteristically lit and looks more gorgeous at the night time with different types of dramatic masks hanging down the roof and other types of dramatic wedding accessories.

Stripey Tents comes under the option for those who want to have the funny wedding ideas for their wedding and want to celebrate a funny event. The most lovely view of this tent style is given for beach wedding as it provides the beautiful effect of canvas of white color that is enough for working well on the beach with its side open from all sides providing a full outside view.

Shabby chic tents provides you with the fashionable style that has one of the advantages of saving a lot of your money and give its full effect with the accessories of vintage styles with a area for chilling out and made your guests feel good.

Shabby chic Wedding Tents
Shabby chic Wedding Tents

Blackout Tents is one of the popular tenting ideas within many countries which consist of the walls along with lighting effect of star light for giving the blackened out effect. And if the wedding decoration is added with the linings of ivory and wedding centerpieces of red rose then it will create a total stunning effect.

Modest types of tents are more often consider the wedding collections of decoration at a much lower level and uses the white wrapped out columns hanging on the poles. 

These are some of the wedding tent ideas and you may follow the one as you like…

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

'Pirate Wedding Theme' Enjoy the ride full of Adventure

You may have the option of celebrating your wedding in an adventurous way if you are a great fan of Jack Sparrow and many others like him…

Your dream of having a different style of marriage can be easily fulfilled with this wedding theme as this wedding idea has not been still used by many of the couples.

The wedding ideas for all the items starting from the Invitation cards to the wedding favors are provided for you:

Invitation Cards

You may think of embossing the name of the pirate on the top with the help of cursive characters. For making the wedding theme more understandable, treasured torso, traditional map, beach, and ship are some of the more additions that you should print on the wedding invitation. Along with all these, make the invitation card more like an old document and after rolling up the paper that can be placed in a bottle or can be tied by a rope.


A hotel having a beach front can be selected having all the facilities of outdoor so that the guests can have the enjoyment of surfing at the beach and the sand. A yacht can also be hired for having the experience of the sea that will be adventurous and exciting.

Wedding Decoration

A slip describing the facts about pirates can be putted over each of the table for your guests which can also be considered for wedding favors.

 Coins which have been wrapped in golden color, chains of artificial gemstones, treasured torso which can easily purchased from the stores for party supplies can be used for the wedding decoration.

Fish nets can be hanged on the walls along with flags of cross bones and fly skulls giving a dangerous effect that will be most suitable for the Pirate wedding theme. Moreover torches can be arranged with the combination of iridescent flames of lights for making a striking atmosphere.


Wedding centerpieces can have the pirate effect by filling some of the emulating ice and beads of the styles of confetti of white color and the whole of the arrangement can be putted down in small bottles of the old and traditional style.

A large jewels trunk can be used as a wedding centerpiece by filling it with artificial coins of gold. One of the best idea for the wedding centerpiece can be of naming each table on the name of a ship of pirate with the kind of model of the ship on that table.

Wedding Dress

You may order for a pirate wedding dress online or may purchase it from a local store and if you have ordered for a designer dress, then you can have the option of neck line that is off the shoulder with a pirate kind of tangled skirt and the color that you may choose for is ivory that will be enough for providing a momentous look.

Wedding Cake 

One of the wonderful imaginative wedding cake ideas that I want to share with you is to embody it with the waves of the ocean in an unusual way by decorating it with icing of pastel blue color. For adding more of the effect of islands flowers, blooming flowers can be used for depicting.


Manners having a table feast does not sound nice when we talk about the Pirate style, so it would be better to go with a dinner of buffet style. The main item to include consists of all types of wedding drinks especially the alcoholic one along with finger food items, vegetable stew, shish kabobs that are made by roasting tofu and vegetables, seafood, rolls that are having the flavor of herbs and finally a dessert much like of the style of cocktail.

Wedding Favors

One of the main pirate wedding favor idea is to present pencils and pen embossed with the design of your favorite pirate designs. You may add to have your name and date of wedding along with it to make the wedding favor more personalized.

I hope you will like all these wedding ideas and if not all might want to follow some of these for your pirate wedding theme… 

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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

‘Ball Gowns’ Wonderful Wedding Dress for the Brides

Ball Gowns are the beautiful wedding dresses in which the length of the skirt of the dress is the fullest whatever is the shape of your wedding dress which is the best feature of this dress.

The upper part of the dress or the torso is being tailored heavily and tightly and they can be matched with any of style and length of sleeve and neckline and thus a large variety of combinations can be made. You can also have the choice of strapless gowns.

One of the main reasons for considering these wedding gowns can be taken as the embroidery that has been done mainly at the neckline that is enough for providing attention to the face of the bride.

The style of the fairy tail princess of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs can be considered to be similar to the one that is provided with the help of Ball gown dresses. Just a beautiful comparison for making you feels like a princess and I think you also wan the same thing…


If you have a dream of making a magical and romantic impact on all the guests in the wedding, then you should treat yourself like a princess and the Ball gown is the best choice for holding something like it. And your first choice should be the white ball wedding gown for being treated like a princess!

Corset wedding ball gown is the wedding dress that you may choose if you want to have a look of that is chic and elegant.

The embroidery of crystals and pearls are also used for designers wedding gowns for making the whole of the wedding dress modest. Dancing with this type of dress like a princess with your groom will make one of the unforgettable moments of your wedding.

The fabric that is being used for these gowns are taken from the splendid choice like that of duchess satin and the fabric allows the gown to be figured out properly and comfortably. As comfort ability is one of the most important factors in deciding the wedding dresses of the brides, so seeing from the point of view of both comfort and fitting, you should give a try to ball gowns.

So, these are some of the wedding ideas that you may include in the list of your wedding collection…

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Monday, 27 August 2012

“Outdoor Wedding” Plan your wedding with some Adventure

One of the choices for making your wedding more quixotic and stunning along with fun and adventure with a mixture of caution and snag is – OUTDOOR WEDDING IDEAS.

From the point of view of all the arrangements, the first thing is to have an idea about the whether of the wedding day for planning according to that i.e. hot, humid, cold or sunny.

If you have a date of summer, then the guests should be provided with chilled water bottles and make them feel comfortable. Have the arrangement for the sunscreen for all the guests.

If you are going to choose for a location that is warm enough, then you should be better prepared with some extra options of arranging large electric fans on rent and also generator along with the fans and one more main thing for that is the TENT for so that the guests will be provided shading from the direct sun light.

For the tent that you will choose, you will have to check for a brawny tent which is featured with broad and slanted sides so that it can take up the stress of wind and little over rain in certain circumstances.

If the location is full of coldness and humidity, then it would be better to inform your guests about the conditions so that they will be prepared with some extra layers for wearing. From your side, you may have a choice of transferable heaters and also tour blankets that will be helpful in cold.

You may also have a different option of the written program of the outdoor wedding on a fan that can be easily utilized by the guests for cooling themselves.

If you are planning for an adventurous idea, then you want the wedding decoration to be according to that and the first of the work that you should go for consists of visiting of the site before a week of the wedding day for ensuring the mowness of the grass, rake ness of the land and the blooming of the flowers and plan accordingly.

One idea is to enhance the wedding flowers with some bulbs along with the pots, particularly in the wedding season of cold and you will easily get the bulbs from the florist decreasing some of your work!

Farolitas, torches, luminaries, lanterns that can be hanged on the trees, string lights and many more of the relevant wedding decoration options suitable for outdoors and can be easily fit for your wedding collections.

For spotting out the wedding ceremony along with bride and bridegroom saying their vows, the beautiful decoration with the help of arches can be done.

One of the more conditions that you want to avoid is any imbalance due to windy conditions and for this you may better follow the given wedding ideas:

  • Light stuff for the clothes of bride and the bridesmaid like silk or chiffon should be avoided. 
  • You should tell about the wedding theme of your wedding to your hair stylist, so that a better style according to the outdoor can be chosen.

You can never take any risk with the feast going to be served for your guests, so appoint the wedding caterers that are experienced for outdoor weddings. And you should be good to avoid the dishes or salads like that of mayonnaise that are for cold if you are going to have summer outing.

Bug trapper or citronella candles can be used for rescuing from the effect flying bugs so that you and your guests are not busy in squashing in the air. Above all things is that you should be ready for a backup plan that may consist of the indoor planning.

At last, you should ensure one more thing and that is to ask for the authority of the outdoor wedding by the head of the place along with asking of the rules and regulations for photography, lighting, removal of compost and other things like it. HAVE FUN!!!

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Wedding Lighting Gobos

Gobos patterns are formed with the help of stencils by putting them over the light which can be projected over any of the underlying area and provides a beautiful magical effect for any of the grand event.


The designs of gobos which have become popular these days are the dates, monograms, or any other personalized motifs showing the names of couple and provides a beautiful source of wedding lighting.

The cost of the gobos depends on the complexity of the designs like if you choose for stencils of steel, then it will costs less as compared to the designs on glass that can bear more of the heat of light.

This can be judged as one of the wedding ideas of making your wedding reception to be more personalized by displaying the date or name of the couple with the help of lights which has become one of the demands of the couples these days and is fun also.

For selecting the wedding gobo for your wedding, you have to choose a layout, then the font of the gobos and finally you have to provide the details of measure, fixture, date, names or anything you like to add from the given options.

The best use of the Gobos can be done on the dance floor for beautiful wedding decoration by displaying the logo of your wedding. Not only on the dance floor, the wedding gobos can be used behind the seating area of the guests or behind the gift tables for leaving a modish impression on your guests.

You may go for GoboSource for ordering of the wedding gobos. And thus have a choice that can be easily included in your wedding collections…

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Friday, 24 August 2012

Wedding Cupcakes

From last year, a new trend of Cupcakes has become famous for celebrating any of the events especially the wedding that has taken the place of the conventional wedding cake of tiered style…

                                                   See some more wedding cake images

And there is a good reason for this implementation that is wedding cupcakes saves you from buying of costly wedding cakes that may be the designer type and they can be made easily at home, experimentation can be done easily providing a space for creativity and a lot more to say…

Gorgeous frosted type of cupcakes will adorn the table for cake and that can be decorated according to your flavor with your imagination and taking some of the ideas from wedding decoration.

Moreover, cupcakes are available in so many colors and styles that they are enough to match with any of the wedding theme style and color.

You can think of the color of the dresses of bride and groom which are generally selected according to the wedding theme and can easily search for the cupcake options for the same matching color.

Like if you are planning for the wedding of fairytale princess style, then you may make your cupcakes decorated with the sparkles and toppers as per the wedding theme and with the help of ice and stars for the Christmas wedding theme and thus can easily add them to your beautiful wedding collections.

As the presentation of anything is one of the important aspects so you can have some of the wedding ideas of decorating the cupcakes and one of the finer ideas is to make the arrangement bit like a tree by stacking them one over the other.

One more good idea is to use wedding cupcakes as wedding favors for providing them to your guests. For using them as wedding favors, cupcakes should be packed in beautiful and may be within transparent boxes and finally decorating with the ribbon.

You have the option of wedding cupcakes whether you have the wedding is taking place on a smaller or larger budget. So, choosing wedding cupcakes is a good option…

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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Camellias Wedding Flowers

One of the valuable and expensive flower featured by out of the ordinary and mystifying nature used by the young lovers for articulating their loyalty is – CAMELLIAS.
Camellias Flower
Camellias Flower

Thankfulness and exquisiteness are the two big words which can be expressed with the help of Camellias and which other day can be bigger than celebrating for a couple on their wedding day, so to be used on that day. 

There is a beautiful faith also behind giving this flower so much importance and it is that the flower petals represent the fortitude of a lady and the protector of the petals i.e. the holder is being considered to be a young man. And if the story seems to be so sweet, then these wedding flowers become an essential part to be included in the arrangements of wedding decoration.

Camellias Wedding Centerpieces
Camellias Wedding Centerpieces

 Camellias are available in a large variety of colors having a different meaning for a different one. If you take a sweet example then you will come to know that white color of this flower is a symbol of gorgeousness and red for a more hearty expression. 

Camellias are full of the boheme look with an elegant style and thus provide the same effect in your wedding planning and wedding collection. Wedding centerpieces can easily make a use of the wedding ideas of these flowers that can be arranged for providing a look of fragility and prominence. 

For forming a paradise like the birds, Camellias are set up along with the other beautiful flowers including the rose, carnations or magnolias.

For making of chic and stunning bridal bouquets, you only just have to produce a mixture of peony of white color and camellias of white color and most commonly the round shape can be formed by this arrangement. And for the round shaped wedding bouquets, the addition of the flowers of alstromeria, chrysanthemums, lilies, gerbera lilies and the last but not the least the roses.

Camellias Wedding Bouquets
Camellias Wedding Bouquets
The region of the farming of Camellias are the eastern and southern Asian parts and some of the colors are available worldwide and if you can manage for Camellias will add up to the charm of the wedding…

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wedding Curtain Lights

To acquire a stylish ambiance and a contemporary tone of modishness in a wedding, the Curtain lights are a magnificent choice that can be easily applied and has been applied over a large period of time…


There are a vast number of applications of Curtain lights of LED type some of which you may also have noticed somewhere in others wedding and the curtain light is just one from the sea. 

The wedding ideas of curtain lights can be used not only for the wedding decoration but also as the covering material for the windows.

For this, one easy technique is to hang out one of the cable horizontally thus making all of the strings to be hanged on the top cable like the curtains and the resemblance is the reason behind the so called name.

The strings can be hanged in two different styles, one is the similarity with the curtain by giving it the shape of it and the other one is to make it as if like a framework of the window or the entrance by forming a type of parting with the help of the string.


Otherwise you may have combination of the idea by the making of a bigger and wider curtain which can be used to form the partitions so that the outline of pillars can be formed.

For making the arrangement to be fitted for the wedding decoration and for wedding collection, the top cable having connectors at some space from each other is generally used that is fitted with the help of LED lights and can also been provided space in between them for producing the desired patterned effect.

To craft a gorgeous cone effect for the tree wedding decoration, the idea is to add curtain lights to the larger trees. This can be done with a smart technique i.e.  follow up the fusion of two or three of curtain lights and it has to be putted in the region of the base region of the widest section of the tree and finally running them in the vertical direction. That is all you have to do!!!

For providing the astounding effects of chandelier with the help of the curtain lights which looks great from the wedding point of view, a little petite morsel of your creativity is needed. You have to make two studs of the long water pipe, one smaller and the other larger one. 

A more restrained effect of lighting can be produced by making the distance between the strings to be more than the usual ones. The power that can be dominated by you is the power of running five thousand numbers of LEDs with the help of only one single plug.

For lighting up the full of the wedding location or the building, lengthier drop outs can be adorned out easily. And not only this, you may not leave the idea of fringing effect by using the drop out of smaller lengths. 

Now, you just have to the string ends to the bigger hoop and the cable on the top to the smaller hoop. The last thing needed is to hover the hoops to the cord of light weight and all this will ends you with a finicky floppy effect with these wedding lights. Sounds great but it also looks great!!!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Rose Centerpieces for Wedding

Wedding centerpieces generally consists of the flowers as one of the essential parts and among those the most beautiful one is ROSE and we are providing wedding ideas for the setting of rose centerpieces… 

Rose Wedding Centerpiece
Rose Wedding Centerpiece

A cute bouquet of the shape of the heart can be made by covering the roses of white and pale pink color and of the shape of sweet heart inside that. As long as the shape of heart is concerned the form of the Oasis heart will suit all the occasions and comes in both the solid and open forms whichever you …

Rose pomanders can be used easily as it is available in different sizes and thus can be fitted in any size of vases for wedding decoration. And for this one thing you should always keep in your mind is that if you make the ball of the foam bigger, then it will make the whole of the arrangement to look heavier.

Rose Pomanders Centerpiece
Rose Pomanders Centerpiece

If you are interested in a diminutive wedding centerpiece, then tea cups and mugs with colorful shades are just awesome if jade roses which are considered to be stunning wedding flowers are added in that along with the pomps of Kermit and final touch can be easily given by ribbon of the matching color.

A theatrical arrangement can be made a pot of shallow type and not only this that pot has to be fill up with the vivid pink roses and pomps of green color. The arrangement can be made more beautiful by producing an effect of small compartments and filling some parts of those compartments by the rocks of different colors.

Rose Wedding Centerpiece

The roses of newer species are easy to grow demanding smaller requirements and thus they are available for all around the year on the Florists and Floral departments of Grocery stores.

I hope you can easily follow the given wedding ideas and will include the one of your choice in your wedding collections and will use them in the decoration of your wedding…

Monday, 20 August 2012

Postlude Wedding Songs

The wedding cannot be declared to be over without the postlude wedding songs that play their melodious role at the end of the day... 

So, the music that ends the wedding ceremony by its melodious and thanks giving tone to all of the guests is the known as the prelude one.

Apart from a great flavor, these songs are not included in the necessary list and come as the optional one. But if you have a list of large guests that have been invited by you, then you can have the option of playing the prelude music for up to ten minutes interval.  

The choices that will fascinate you and your guests are as follows:

If you want some more collections, then you may choose by clicking on the given link of wedding songs.

You should choose for those songs for the prelude music that will upbeat your guests at the end of the wedding also and thus made them celebratory the end of such a big day of your life.

One more description for prelude songs can be given by seeing them as the songs that are played after all the types of songs have been played and its time for the last one after the recessional music is also done.

The duration for playing prelude music can be set in between five minutes to one hour as according to the number of the guests. However, you may skip this part if you don’t want to make the rest of the work lengthy.

If you like this part then this music can be tuned within more than one part including the short period of recessional music and if there is a need some time in between the receiving line and the wedding ceremony.

Now, it depends on you to include these wedding songs for completing the wedding collection and for more of the wedding ideas, you may see other posts of this wedding blog... 

Sunday, 19 August 2012

‘Graff Diamonds’ Jewelry Watches

GRAFF JEWELRY is one of the finest brands of jewelry in the world and when the turn of its watches comes, then it will made you simply flounce you with its beautiful diamonds studded in them…

Graff Diamond Watch
Graff Diamond Watch

Besides the importance of time in your life, they also these symbol of diamonds timelessness and extravagance. The collection of watches will leave you with a surprise to consider them as the watches or the jewelry to be used by you in the wedding. 

BabyGraff  is the first collection that has been given this name because it consists of the watches of multi colored and they are specially made for the teens and youngsters considering their modern choices in mind.

BabyGraff Jewelry Watches
BabyGraff Jewelry Watches

Premium type of diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds with the elite gem setting expertise of specialists at Graff forms the stylish work of art in this collection. Marvelous selection of cuts including the works of trapeze, baguette, triangle, brilliant and trilliant type forms the remaining way.

Adding to this, the holding of the watches is done by straps of crocodile or stingray style or by the bracelets of gemstones which harmonizes with the color of the stones of the watches and the whole of the modest look is given which is a perfect choice for special day of wedding

BabyGraff One Carat collection of watch can be viewed as the evolved grandeur of the above mentioned collection. The emphasis in this is given to the twenty four diamonds of one carat which are embosses in one row in its bracelet.

Baby Graff One Carat watch
Baby Graff One Carat watch

GraffSuperstar 38mm collection of watches collection has been embellished by the diamonds of fifty five carats and is the pure bliss formed by Graff. The features of the bracelet is that it has been studded with fifty two dazzling cut diamonds and fifty two princess cut diamonds which have been set in 4 rows. 

GraffSuperstar 38mm collection
GraffSuperstar 38mm collection

Not only this, there are twenty stylish diamonds by which the buckle has been embellished with. This superb collection consists of three hundred and fourteen diamonds which has been superior zed with twelve of emeralds of trapeze cut.

The collection is so fine that you will like most of the watches and can easily choose one of them for you and if you are not able to find one for you then explore more of the wedding ideas from our wedding blog as we will come with more of the suggestions…