Sunday, 23 September 2012

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Wedding

Two of the names that don’t need any introduction in themselves, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have got married this month…

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds

They tied the knot legally on 14th of September while they had exchanged their wedding vows earlier on 9th of September and had celebrated their wedding ceremony on that day. They had applied for legal license on 13th of September but according to law would be able to get it 24 hours after applying. That’s why the actual date has been 14th of September.

The wedding has been carried out very secretly and even the mobile phones of the guests had been returned to them after they have returned from the marriage and they had been made to sign a non disclosure agreement.

The wedding ceremony has been carried out in Charleston in South Carolina that has been witnessed by the family members and relatives of both of them and later on the legal knot have been tied there in. Reynolds, 35 had gone through his second marriage and Lively, 25 had the first one of her.
Maggie Austin Cake company’s is showing their happiness for making the wedding cake for their marriage while they were also not aware of the fact at the time of wedding that they have made it for their wedding.

Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds

Congrats to both of them for their wedding…

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