Thursday, 20 September 2012

‘Limelight embroidery motif collection’ by PIAGET

PIAGET is a well renowned jewellery brand famous for its fine jewelry and the newer collection has come up in the line which has been named as Limelight embroidery motif Collection...

All of the celebrities want to be in the spot-light with every eye looking at them and for this starring appearance they are recently using the Piaget newly introduced jewelry as the fashion mark and statement. You may also order one for your wedding for treating yourself as a star of yourself and your guests.

Limelight embroidery motif pendant 

Limelight Elixir pendant

Limelight embroidery motif pendant

Limelight embroidery motif pendant

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There are a number of styles for pendant that are made by Piaget but the latest and most innovative pendant is the Limelight embroidery motif pendant. This beautiful pendant has been made using white-gold (18 K) with diamond of pear cut style and the addition of thirty eight diamonds with brilliant and different cut.

Limelight embroidery motif earrings

Limelight Elixir earring

Limelight embroidery motif earrings

Limelight Garden Party earrings

These are the dazzling earrings by Piaget which have been embellished with the 18 K white-gold along with the pear cut and also brilliantly cut vast array of diamonds.

Limelight embroidery motif necklace

Limelight Party long necklace

Limelight embroidery motif necklace

Limelight Garden Party necklace

Limelight New York inspiration necklace

Limelight Paris inspiration necklace

Now coming next to the necklace, you may take the advantage of diamonds studded in 18 K white-gold again making this category fully stunning like others.
The collection has been made so much stunning with by studding the jewellery with the latest and unique stones, gold and diamonds that are enough for giving a surprise for the red carpet move for the stars.

The muse for making of this style is taken from the embellishing styles of the past and adding innovation in them by the best designers of Piaget. 

Restrained and flimsy design of Limelight collection can be made with the help of the diamonds which have been studded along with gold and ultimately the designs are themselves so much beautiful that you will be amazed by the Jewellery and the proof of which you can also find out seeing these images for the finest and newest collection.

Use of the beautiful White and gold Diamonds

The collection of this collection of White and gold Diamonds has been inspired by the light-weight lace that is the best example of fine-tuning and refine-ment which are the qualities employed in the making of this collection.

The sparkling effect that has been provided with all the combinations makes Piaget’s Limelight collection suitable to be wear in any of the function including the wedding, engagement, cocktail wedding reception or for any of the pre or post wedding events and thus suitable for your wedding collections… 

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