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Types of Wedding Tents

Want to have a type of wedding that is well-designed and provides an elegant look along with fitting easily within your budget??? If yes and if you are worried about the increasing cost for organizing of the wedding arrangements, then you may go for the option of WEDDING TENTS instead of booking of any grand palace…

Wedding Tent

Wedding Tent

Wedding Tent

Wedding Tent

This option doesn’t mean that you will suffer from any of the possibilities of making of your wedding a grand wedding event but the types of wedding tents that are available in the market will make you avail of all the luxuries of a grand palace with a grand event that you will remember forever…

Other things regarding wedding tent decorations and wedding lighting will be make sure to be discussed within the other posts of my wedding blog but the first and foremost thing that needs to be consider is the type of wedding tent that is required by you and is according to your personality.

So, now let’s have a look of the types of the wedding tents among which you may choose one for your wedding:

Push Pole Wedding Tent
 Push Pole Wedding Tent

The first and the simplest type of the wedding tent is the push pole wedding tent that can be easily used for providing its shelter (Just like your Homes!) a large number of people that vary in sizes and is available according to your demand. One of the cost effective use is that the whole set up can be established with the help of only small number of people which will save some of your extra money but requires a large space for the set up. 

For organizing the basic set up, the main pole (that is the tallest ones also) have to be arranged in the center and the smaller poles at the corners of the shape of the wedding tent. And finally the tent needs to be tied up to with the help of the ropes on the edges of the outer sides.

Clearspan Frame Wedding Tents 
Clearspan Frame Wedding Tent

These tents provide you with the facility of smaller and narrowed spaces that are generally used for the wedding dance or the dining purpose. The base of the A Frame tent is being made up of a metallic base that doesn’t require any of the support of the poles and this makes this type of wedding tent to be best for the things like wedding dance where you need a lot of free space without the intervention of any of the poles, etc.

They can be adjusted at different locations as according to the space of the place as they can be camouflaged to different shapes like A-shaped wedding tents or L-shaped wedding tents. 

Tension Tents 
Tension Tent

These tents are more often like the pole tents and based on the idea  of poles and tying on the perimeter but the feature that makes them different from the pole tents is that they are larger than pole tents and have more height which makes the tent more airy and plenty in the scope of the space that can be fully utilized for the wedding decoration.

Basic Canopies 

This choice is ideal for you if you have to make the wedding arrangements within tight budgets and is smaller in the size but perfect if you have to invite a lesser number of people as the wedding guests

This will provide a feel like that of a roomy area in which you may enjoy with your closer friends and canopies are generally open from all the sides and no attachments like poles in between thus making the between space free for you and your wedding guests. Generally they are used for providing an area for chilling out for the wedding guests besides the main wedding tent.

Now it now depends on your choice, the wedding ideas that you want to apply for your wedding tent for your marriage as you are the owner and no one better than you can understand your choice and dreams but I will be happy if you could find any of the suggestions to be used for your wedding collections…

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