Wednesday, 26 September 2012

‘Wedding Budgeter’ Budget Calculator for keeping track of the Wedding expenses…

How much money you want to spend on your wedding? How much of it you can save from the additional expenses? How will you be going to manage all these expenses details when you are busy all around? I want to suggest one of the suggestions that may help you out from all theses difficulties – Wedding Budget Calculator or a good name Wedding Budgeter.

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budgeter

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget

Wedding Budgeter will provide an overall view or estimate of the money that you have to spend or in a way we can say the total budget that you will have to pay taking in consideration the all of the arrangements and things that you want to include in your wedding starting from the wedding decoration to the wedding dresses and finally up to the catering services.

By using the Wedding Budgeter, you have to decide the number of the guests that you are going to invite for the wedding ceremony or the wedding reception and rest is the work that you are able to freely leave on the Wedding Calculator. It will provide you with all of the estimates that will be in accordance with the numeral of your list.

Saving Your Precious Time
It will help you like an overall guide but here is an advantage over the traditional guides that you do not have to read them and waste your time instead they will save a lot of your time. And one more thing that can be said for this guide is that this is very user friendly in its usage and can be easily used by anyone who ever want to use it.

You just have to enter all of your purchasing or the wedding payments that you have to done for all the shopping and this is all by giving the work of tracking of the overall estimate to the wedding budgeter.

The basic idea of the working of the Wedding Budgeter is to divide all the items into classes or groups and then by the subdivision in all the categories, all of the items can be included in the list of the calculator and thus you have a overall list of the items that you have to purchase and up to what amount.

If you have changed your plan of purchasing any of the items then you simply have to uncheck the item in the list and then just have to update it to make the changes. This will make the calculator to update the list and show the updated amount of money that can be used for the purchase of any of the other item for wedding.

There is an additional feature known as Payment Tracker that can be used for keeping a track on the number of the payments that have to be deposited to those who have not received yet and if there are any of the multiple payments that you have to pay.

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