Tuesday, 25 September 2012

'Wedding Guests List' Invite the Special Ones...

Have you planned for marrying with your partner and going to start your preparations for your wedding? If yes, then what should be the first step in your planning? Preparing the list of your wedding guests that you want to invite in the dream of your life…

Start of the list

Starting from the initials, you should first write all the names of the people known to you that are coming to your mind without any deep thinking of the decision that you are going to invite them or not and this type of list can be named as ‘Fantasy List’. Now, you have to use your pen like a cutter that is used to give shape to any of the material and cut the names of the persons that you are able to without any of the second thought.

Set up you Preference

Now, you have choose one of the concerning factor from the two of the things – the number of your wedding guests or the venue of the wedding. You have to choose one because if you are thinking of the venue that is far away in a beautiful place then you cannot afford a lot of your wedding guests there because of a number of factors that I will tell you via another posts of my wedding blog. So, if you go for the location, then you have to cut the list to a larger extent.

Invite People that have a special meaning in your life

One of the main things to be in the consideration of your wedding ideas regarding the wedding guests list is that you have to invite the people in your wedding that matters for you and you don’t have to have a gather only crowd. So, from this point of view you are able to leave the persons that are not in contact with you from a larger bit of time as they may not be so important for you.

Everything or Nothing Rule
As the case of inviting people from your office is related, then you should follow the ‘everything or nothing’ rule for them and should send invitation to all or no one. You may have the exception if you have some really close friends among them and you don’t have the wedding budget of inviting all of them or you may go for only inviting the boss of your company.

The above rule of ‘everything or nothing’ you may also follow in case of your relatives or any of the particular groups like if you are not going to invite any of your second cousins, then you should leave all in the group or otherwise invite them all.  
Inviting those who have Invited You  

Whether to send the invitation to the person that has invited you in your wedding? The answer of this question is no from my side. And I want to justify this from  my side as the person has invited you as he wanted to invite a large number of people only or the person had might invited you many years ago and now the relationship has been changed a lot and now there might be no need to invite the person. But if you know that the person has invited you with a hearty feeling, then you in that case you should invite the person.

Are you going to set up a dress code as per the chosen wedding theme, then also you have to minimize the list somehow. You may invite around ten to fifteen percent more of the people as according to your budget especially if you are going to be married in the max out wedding season assuming that the number will be lesser up to the same extent. PROBABILITY is used for decreasing the level of complicasy!!!

There is an easy way of making the list to be finalize and that is to leave all those persons in the case of which you are confused to be called or not for cutting down the list to a lesser number. Make sure of the thing that you have to order for the catering services accordingly and thus prepare for a proper organizer of names and spreadsheet of your wedding guests.

Now, you have got enough wedding ideas regarding your wedding lists to be prepared by you and thus you need to start making of the list and I will be really happy if you are able to get any kind of help from the above ideas…

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