Friday, 9 November 2012

'Royal wedding cake' Wedding Idea for a royal wedding...

By reading the name of the topic you might have thought of an image that can be put up for the royal type of the thing that we are going to discuss for the day i.e. ROYAL WEDDING CAKE. You may get some of the idea by seeing the image given below and later by reading the further post…

Royal wedding cake

Royal wedding cake should be a type of the wedding cake that is related to royalty or royal family somehow and this is also the case with our royal one and that is related to the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, THE BIG ROYALS WEDDING. 

Making of the Royal Wedding Cake

Royal wedding cake

The special cake that has increased the glory of the wedding consists of eight tiered storey with the following description: ‘There are in total of the seventeen different fruit cakes by which the whole of the cake has been completed among which twelve are used to make the base of the big wedding cake’.

The cutting of the cake has been done inside the royal Buckingham Palace which has been decorated with elite and elegant wedding decoration which has amazed all of the attendees and have not forgotten till now date.

The credit of designing such a unique and elite wedding cake goes to Fiona Cairns who have made the dreamy thinking of making the garland architecture of the royal room for the design of the wedding cake.

Wedding cake decoration

Royal wedding cake

Not only this each and every wedding flower that has been used for the decoration of the wedding cake are considered to be of different varieties each one having a different meaning in regard to the love and wedding…

Royal wedding cake

For making of the wedding cake look delicious and yummy, usage of white icing and cream has been used for the further decoration. And this is the great idea in which you can add up of your own and may find some of the wedding ideas and wedding collections Feel free to find us at Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

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