Monday, 24 June 2013

Wedding dj – Get the best entertainment services for making your day more special!

One of the most important decisions regarding entertainment ideas for wedding or pre-wedding events is the choice of wedding disc jockey and has to be finalized as one of the crucial steps of wedding planning. For this, you must choose for the right stuff of entertaining pieces of dj’s. After coming across many of the wedding disc jockey services, I have come to know about one dj service that I liked and thus want to share with you – Events By Rob wedding djv services. 

Wedding DJ Party

Accompanied by specialized experts and talented wedding dj’s, this wedding DJ services is serving from around 10 years in this field, handling all the activities needed to be performed by a wedding disc jockey themselves, for creating the right ambiance in your wedding. They provides you with the best efforts for keeping your guests engaged with FUN and rocking music, forcing them to be on the dance floors with their foot steps automatically dancing on their own. It makes your guests feel amazed!

Wedding djv’s are involved in playing of all stuff’s of music, starting form the doo woo of 1950’s, disco songs of 70’s and the rocking music of 80’s, all of which are different from just playing only the top 10 current radio-music songs. They are the providers of entertainment for both younger as well as older generation people at one platform. This wedding dj consists of the digitized storing facility and software for playing of these files in the smoothest way.

Your wedding guests will just get flown away with the music of their disc jockey as they have a long term experience in the same field, handling large counts of wedding performances along with the dj for any type of bachelor or bachelorette parties before your wedding. And before hiring any of the dj services, you should know about the overall experience of the company, which counts when it comes to flow away your guests interest with the entertainment in the wedding, which is the main thing required!

Stupendous sounding and lighting effects has been seen in the events handled by this company for making it to be breath taking event to amaze all. LED lighting is used by the photographers to make sure that you will be able to get the dazzling effect having proper reliability and proper working conditions – all arrangements and techniques being left on the disc jockey and you only have to sit back and dance with your loved ones.

Backup equipments of all types are available if there would going to be any irregularities or damage to the dj systems while transporting, so that the party or wedding event must go on with full celebration of the never coming back day of your life. Have FUN with your wedding and your dj. To get more information you about wedding djv services, click here.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Serve your Wedding Cocktails with fab new Ideas

Going to have a party themed on cocktail hours for your wedding? Add a personalized touch to drinks spinning around your guests. Rearrange the ideas that you might have thought initially for garnishing, straying and way of presenting the drinks, into creation of an exclusive and astonishing panache to your party. I have something for you to read...

Addition of Herbs

Herbs and Cocktail

Scent addition of herbs will release the redolence into your drinks, along with making  the wedding guests amazed by its looks and smell. Let me give you a practical and funny idea for adding this flavor: Either follow the right way of making a liquor fusion, keeping and mixing the two things together lonely for whole night, or use the technique of a bartender. And the technique of bartender is - Putting of the sprig in your palm and hitting it with other palm, for extracting it in a cool way!

Garnishing and sweetening of cocktails

Cocktails with fresh fruits

In a typical way, you are going to use lime or lemon, but get over it by trying something new! Incorporation of season's sweet fruit (grapefruit, cherries and water-melon) is the perfect way. Thought to mud the chosen fruits for adding a freshy and juicy flavor to your drink.

Exclusive Coaster Usage

Add a love quote or a personalized saying to drink-coasters. You will just like the "love quote" coaster usage that can save an amount of your money. This is so as mention of wedding date is not present on them and thus re-usage can be done at both timings of rehearsal-dinner and wedding reception.

Think about moving cocktail-cart

Moving Cocktail Cart

Load the weight of both soft-drinks and cocktails on your cart and let it move it on its wheel in between your guests - so that everyone will have their choices. It is enough for creating a likable presenting idea of drinks, especially in a rustic or outdoor wedding.

Sweetening brim of glass

Sweetening Rim of Glass

Spread of sugary brim over a drink provides an excellent pairing. For this recipe like 'The White Cosmopolitan', consisting a combo of many of the drink flavors can fill up your 'martini glass'. Sugary effect is for complementing of all the ingredients!

Usage of straws - Decorate your drinks

Straws and Cocktails

Sipping of straws of matching colors in accordance to wedding theme can be used for the decoration purpose - Representing a stunning combination for your drink! Wishes and vows for wedding couple can be added onside of the straws.

Customization of wedding-napkins

Wedding Napkins

Presenting of napkins embedding the names of couple or wedding-date has become too repetitive. Let's try something new this time by embellishing the recipes of making the cocktails on napkins. This will be remember-able by them after your marriage also, if they are interested in making cocktails at their homes, with the help of those napkins.

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