Monday, 28 October 2013

Sheetal and Daniel's Wedding – Blend of Indian and English colors!

Since times immemorial, Marriage has been considered a sacred portal. It is revered as the union of two souls not only on material dimension but on spiritual dimension also. However unlike the sacredness and the secrecy with which marital ceremony used to be withheld has now given way to flamboyance. In today’s world, a wedding ceremony without sound, lightning and dazzling show is not at all merriment, but a dull and drab ritual occasion. Moreover with new creative ideas bursting in young people’s minds, wedding has become a grand opportunity to show off to the world what you have got.

One such wedding occurred when Daniel proposed Sheetal to become his better-half. The youngsters gave a unique proof where cast and traditions moved beyond territorial boundaries, and what came out was a beautiful tapestry of colourfull lives filled with divine joy.

Sheetal belongs to India, is typically a traditional Indian girl and Daniel is a complete classic English man. Their true love made them cross all the boundaries of the man made restrictions and unite into one. The duo followed their rituals and celebrated Indian style as well as English/Kentish style wedding.

Let’s talk about how Sheetal carried out her heartfelt desire of becoming an Indian bride and doing “Vivaah Sanskar”.

The wedding ceremony took place on 13th July, 2013; the day was Saturday. Nearly 400 guests attended the wedding at Park Plaza Riverbank Hotel, Embankment, London

The color scheme in which the venue was decorated was ‘Ivory & Gold’. The venue gave away a very contemporary and beautiful view of the river Thames, big ben, parliament.
The bride chose to wear 2 Indian bridal outfits-one for the wedding ceremony and other for the evening reception party. 

Wedding outfit was bought from an Indian boutique located in London, ‘Mongas’. Her evening reception party came from a specific Indian dress boutique in India, Mumbai, ‘Seasons’. 
              Both the dresses were very unique and never seen before nor worn by any bride. While the wedding ceremony dress was very traditional with all its embroidery done by hand, the evening reception dress was loud, colorful and well suited for the event; the colors were unusual for an Asian/Indian traditional bride. 
                                                                                  Wedding dress is incomplete without jewelry. Bride’s jewelry mainly consisted of crystal stones and pearls to match with the dress. She wore an Indian diadem head piece to match the fairy tale look of her evening reception dress. Apart from this, shoes were also distinct; the beautiful pair was from ‘Dune’.

Groom was no less in case of wedding outfit. He wore an Indian ‘Sherwani’, that was from ‘Manyavar’ boutique in Mumbai, which is well known for its team of brilliant fashion designers and artisans. In the ceremony, there were 3 bridesmaids and 1 maid of honor for whom dresses were purchased from Seasons, Mumbai. They all wore pink to match the bride side theme.

A good and professional hair and beauty make up is essential to bring a majestic look on the bride. Sheetal being perfect in make-up did for herself, while she chose Dave Gill for doing her hair style. For wedding ceremony, her hair was swiped up in a loose curled bun and for evening wedding reception, the tresses were allowed to flow freely in form of big Hollywood curls.

The transportation was not overlooked even when the grand wedding was arranged so quickly. The entourage of bride and her maids arrived at the wedding venue by Rolls Royce Ghost. The luxury car was supplied by Kudos Cars.

 The wedding Ceremony known as “Vivaah Sanskar” was celebrated in quite a Bollywood style.  The wedding rings were from “Mappin & Webb”. 

Bride’s brothers walked the bride down the aisle with the ‘Heer’ song from Indian movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ playing at the background. 

The wedding with all its stages of rituals took place at around 4pm. Core of the Hindu wedding ceremony is “Vedic Yajna” ritual in which bride and groom take 7 rounds of fire with each round implying one vow/promise. 

The hymns played at the ceremony are spoken in Sanskrit language.The evening reception ceremony was closed with the bride & groom’s first dance “Teri Jhuki Nazar’ – Indian film song.

It was the union of two hearts and souls with heavenly celebration all around.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to Produce Photographs That Have Your Own Personal "Signature"

Photography is an interest, yes, it is also a hobby. Though some people call it their passion, and yet some revere it as an art. Choosing for the perfect lighting and capturing the scenes in all their perfect beauty is surely an art in itself. Some people hold natural talent for clicking the things – living, non-living and nature scenery – in their best of hues, shades and angles. But some need to imbibe persistence in doing so in order to bring this skill to perfection. If you are someone who has just started practicing photography, it can take a while before you learn how to click if not best, good shots. Before that, you need to find out what you like to do and what you do not. Each one of us eventually defines his or her own style, it just takes a while. Whether you like taking portraits or snapping images of people against a photo backdrop, anything is allowed. Here are a few tips that will help you define who you are as a photographer.

1. Don’t copy others. It is normal for you to admire other photographers and to look at them for inspiration. However, you should not attempt to get the same kinds of shots they do. This will only make it harder for you to find out who you are as a photographer. Try something different. Even if you are attempting the same shot, change one or two things and see how that works out. Instead of becoming someone’s shadow, find out your own unique expression.

2. Take pictures daily. The more pictures you take, the faster you will be able to define your special signature. In that regard, you should try to take at least one picture every day. This should not have to become a chore, you should do it because you want to. By a picture, I mean something done professionally with proper lighting; something that will require some actual effort, not just the first random image you see.

3. Bad technique is not a style. If you are serious about photography, there are things you will need to learn about taking pictures properly. There are countless sources you can use to learn these things and you should do so: being unable to take a good photo does not count as a personal style. Learn to catch extraordinary glimpses of things ordinary and carve out your style.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

How to choose your wedding caterer

Wedding day is the most important day in everyone’s life, and therefore you must make sure that no  shortcomings appear on the big day that brings gloom on your face. You might be confused whether you  should appease your expensive palate or go as per the guests’ favorite. Even if you go by guests’ preferred  tastes it will become hectic and mind boggling to assort what should be the menu which gratifies everyone’s  taste buds. A well catered wedding allows you to go freely and explore the delicacies and share them with  your loved ones.

Wedding Caterer
It all starts from bride and groom. So, first step towards choosing the apt caterer should start from you. Sit with your mate and jot down your and his likened flavors. List them as appetizers, entrees, side dishes, desserts and drinks. Before finalizing it, have a nutritional thought about the list to make sure that the food is nutritious or if you are cutting down on your guests’ health. Next align the food with that of your wedding style. If you are opting for traditional wedding, then you can go on an elaborate buffet detailing all the traditional dishes.

Whatever be your wedding style – elegant, royal, bohemian, rustic- it will help you select your dishes for the wedding day.
After you are done with your choice of food it is time to head towards searching for caterers. Catering venue is one important thing to ponder upon. Catering and wedding venues correspond to each other. It is imperative that you keep handy some of your preferred locations before you set forth to analyze each. As you go through each set-up and location, you can succeed in making the best combinations of delicious food options and an awesome venue. If you look for banquets, halls or some event spaces where you could call for a traditional wedding set up, these venues have their own caterers, and may or may not be willing for taking up any outside caterer. In case they agree to take any outside party, then look into the fees, the entire set up with its break down. Also see if tables, chairs, dinnerware are included.

Guest count is another important thing to consider. After you have decided the flavors, make a rough estimate of how many guests will be attending the ceremony. Also make note of any dietary preferences or any typical food allergy.
Budget comes next which is clearly indispensable component of wedding catering planning. Time during which you will hold the reception of wedding is an important factor which decide the amount of money being spent on food and drink. As it runs chronologically from morning to night – Breakfast or Brunch, Lunch, Afternoon Tea, Champagne and Cake, Cocktail Reception and Dinner – it can help in deciding on the approx. budget. While calculating the catering costs, also count upon alcohol or any other drink and seating.

Besides, if kids are also attending the gala, then include kids meals also, and some refreshments to delight the children. Look into the presentation style if there will be bartenders and servers to serve guests the food.
You wedding is the biggest day and your reception is the biggest party of your life, so make sure to go through each detail of wedding catering. Make your guests swoon over the presentation and remember the delectable food of your ceremony.