Friday, 4 December 2015

Splendid Tips for Brides Doing Their Own Makeup!

Gone are those days when brides to resort to getting ready from salons. With a revolution in beauty market and professional products available easily in the market, it’s a different scenario now. There are hundreds of tutorials from makeup gurus live now on Youtube which make learning professional makeup possible with practice sessions. If you are bride who would be doing her own makeup on your wedding day, you can’t afford to miss these tips. Your wedding photographs will be with you for your entire life which is why you must follow the below pointers diligently:

1) Don’t Purchase all New Products:
I am a self-proclaimed beauty junkie and have a hard time resisting new makeup launches. If you too fall in the same category, you know what I mean. Don’t skip your old makeup favourites just so you can spend money on new ones. Save your money and use your loyal products on your wedding day look. This will give you more confidence to begin with as they are the ones which are tried and tested vigorously by you. Re-purchase your old favourite if you have run out of them by using Nykaa coupons available on as they will fetch you amazing discounts.

2) Search for Inspirations:
One of the biggest mistakes you can do for your wedding day makeup is by taking the regular beauty route. Choose to look a little different on your wedding day via your makeup than you usually do. Search for inspirations online and find a look which you like best and think will go perfectly with your look. Pinterest can prove to be exceptionally helpful for you here. There are thousands of bridal makeup looks on the board which will amaze you. Browse through them.

3) Practice Diligently:
Because if you won’t, be expected for blunders to happen which will break your heart. After deciding which beauty look you will go with, practice it every other day to see how it turns out on you and whether or not it’s beautifying your features. Doing this will prepare you better and quicken your speed as well as you will know what mistakes you have to avoid on the D-day. Also don’t forget to take photographs from camera to see how your makeup looks in pictures. Take photos in different lightings.

4) Choose your Base Carefully:
The base of your makeup is what which will break or make your wedding day look. Select a base which is waterproof as well as long-wearing. Oily skinned women should look for oil free and water based liquid foundations as they tend to last longer and apply well. Be it hugs, tears or sweat; you need to be prepared for all. Kryolan as well as L’oreal have some awesome options for foundations, concealers, primers and setting sprays that stay for long. Shop for them online by taking advantage of Amazon india coupons and amazing Cashback offers.

5) Do not Forget to Moisturize:
The biggest misconception among oily skinned women is that using a moisturizer will only add to the shininess on their face. However if they don’t use it, they will be saying hello to a cakey face where makeup looks too obvious. Opt for water based moisturizers as they are light-weight and get absorbed in skin easily. Dry skin will make makeup settles into fine lines and wrinkles. So ensure that you start with a properly hydrated skin before you begin with your wedding day makeup ritual.

Follow these steps and you are sure to look like a gorgeous bride! All the best!